Amy Wygant Bursaries

The Amy Wygant Bursaries are named in memory of our late colleague and Editor of the Society’s Journal.
There are two categories of Amy Wygant Bursary:

The Research Bursaries

The Amy Wygant Research Bursary for 2019 is now open for applications. For this year the Society will award one bursary of £1,500 to an applicant who does not currently occupy a permanent academic post. The deadline for applications is 12th April 2019.

The aim of the award is to provide financial support for the research projects of members of the Society. It is available to support primary research in any area of early modern French studies. All applicants must be existing members of the Society. All members of the Society are eligible to apply, except for the members of the Bursary Sub-Committee (consisting of the Chair, President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Society) who will determine the awards.

The Bursary is not intended to fund the purchase of material objects such as books and laptops, but to support other costs such as travel, accommodation and living expenses incurred for the purpose of a particular research project.

Applications should demonstrate that the Bursary is sought to support a clearly defined, discrete piece of research which will have an identifiable outcome. It is expected that the Society’s Bursary will be acknowledged in all ensuing publications.

Applications for the Research Bursaries should include a text of not more than 500 words, setting out the details of the research project; and also a detailed breakdown of the expenses envisaged. They should include a full statement of what other financial support is available, and the name of one academic referee.

The Conference Bursaries

These awards are intended to assist with the expenses of postgraduate students who attend the Society’s annual conference. Applicants may be existing members of the Society or alternatively may be supervised by a member of the Society, in which case it is expected that they will join upon receipt of an award.

Five Conference Bursaries are offered, to a value of up to £200 each.

Applications for the Conference Bursaries should include details of the applicant’s research, and a statement by the supervisor in support of the application.

Please send applications for both Bursaries to the Society’s Secretary, Professor John O’Brien by email to: john.o’ .

The deadline for all applications for the current financial year is 12th April. Awards will be announced in the course of the following month.