The Amy Wygant Bursaries are named in memory of our late colleague and Editor of the Society’s Journal. There are two categories of Amy Wygant Bursary:

The Research Bursaries

The Amy Wygant Research Bursaries for 2024 are now open for applications. For this year the Society will award bursaries from £500 up to £2000 to one or more applicants who do not currently occupy a permanent academic post or tenure-track post with research funding, including doctoral students. This is a competitive scheme and not all applications can be approved. Examples of previous successful project bids can be found at the bottom of this page, all of which have led to substantial research outcomes.

The aim of the awards is to provide financial support for the research projects of members of the Society. They are available to support primary research in any area of early modern French studies. All applicants must be existing members of the Society. All members of the Society are eligible to apply, except for the members of the Bursary Sub-Committee (consisting of the Chair, President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Society) who will determine the awards.

The Bursaries are not intended to fund the purchase of material objects such as books and laptops, but to support other costs such as travel, accommodation and living expenses incurred for the purpose of a particular research project. We would also consider making a contribution towards any research publication costs.

Applications should demonstrate that Bursaries are sought to support a clearly defined, discrete piece of research which will have an identifiable outcome. It is expected that the Society’s Bursaries will be acknowledged in all ensuing publications.

Applications for the Research Bursaries should include a text of not more than 500 words, setting out the details of the research project; and also a detailed breakdown of the expenses envisaged. They should include a full statement of what other financial support is available, together with a reference from one academic referee.

Please send applications for Research Bursaries to the Society’s Secretary, Dr Emma Herdman, by e-mail: [email protected]. The deadline for applications will be announced shortly. Awards will be announced in the course of the following month.

The Conference Bursaries

These awards are intended to assist with the expenses of postgraduate students who attend the Society’s annual conference. Applicants may be existing members of the Society or alternatively may be supervised by a member of the Society, in which case it is expected that they will join upon receipt of an award. Five Conference Bursaries are offered, to a value of up to £300 each. Applications for the Conference Bursaries should include details of the applicant’s research, and a brief statement by the supervisor in support of the application.

Please send applications for Conference Bursaries to the Society’s Secretary, Dr Emma Herdman, by e-mail: [email protected]. The deadline for applications will be announced shortly. Awards will be announced in the course of the following month.


Previous Research Award Holders and Projects 


[2024 No applications were approved] 


2023: Anton Bruder (Utrecht University)

Contribution towards publishing costs for a monograph entitled Recovering the Medieval in the French Renaissance: A Study of Claude Fauchet’s Veilles ou Observations (1555) (Droz).

Katherine Stratton (St Andrews)

Archival research for a PhD project on ‘Dexterous Destriers: The Literal and Figurative Horse as Educator in Sixteenth-Century France’.


2022: Michaela Kalcher (University of Oxford)

Archival research on French revolutionary diaries.

Lisa Nicholson (University of Oxford)

Research for a bilingual edition of the correspondence of Hortense Mancini.


[2021 No applications were approved] 


2020: Dana Lungu (University of Bristol)

Research for her monograph entitled: ‘Médée’, ‘Clytemnestre’, and ‘Phèdre’: Female Heroism Revisited in Seventeenth-Century French Tragedy.


[2019 No applications were approved]


2018: Anton Bruder (King’s College, Cambridge)

‘The significance of Claude Fauchet’s treatment of ancient Gaulish history in his Antiquitez gauloises and françoises (Book I).’

Michael Harrigan (currently unaffiliated)

Research for his edition entitled: Life and Death in the Early Plantations: The Letters of Jean Mongin and Claude Bréban, to be published in the Modern Humanities Research Association Critical Texts series.


[2017 No applications were approved]


2016: Michael Meere (Wesleyan University, CT)

‘Skull Cups, Ghosts, and Murder: Seventeenth-Century French Dramatic Adaptations of the Rosamond and Alboin Story.’


2015: Niall Oddy (Durham University)

Archival research in Paris on the diplomatic correspondence of François Savary de Brèves, ambassador to Constantinople and later to Rome, and on unpublished MS travellers’ accounts.

Philippa Woodcock (Warwick University)

Archival research in Venice on the perils faced by French travellers and French maritime shipping in the Venetian Stato da Mar, 1580-1620.

Master’s Bursaries

In 2023, we offered one bursary of £1000 for a UK/ROI student starting a master’s programme in the academic year 2023/24 and intending to specialize (i.e. produce a dissertation or complete substantial coursework) in the literature and culture of early modern France (1500-1800). We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2023 Master’s Bursary is Rebekah Goodchild. Honourable mention goes to Elise Busset as runner-up.