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St Hilda’s College, Oxford

‘Incompleteness’ / « L’inachèvement » 

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Monday 2 September

13.30-14.00                 Arrival and Registration      

14.00-14.10                 Welcome, Richard Parish, Chair of the Society 

14.10-15.45                 Session 1: Gendering Incompleteness

Sarah NELSON (University of Idaho) ‘You Complete Me’: The Mirrored Memoir-Writing of Madame de Villedieu and Hortense Mancini, Duchesse Mazarin

Jesse-Marie KERUSKIN (University of Illinois) L’étoile descendante: la lune et l’incomplétude féminine dans les ‘Amours’ d’Étienne Jodelle

Raphaëlle BURNS (Columbia University) Making the Case for Incompleteness in Marguerite de Navarre’s ‘Heptaméron’

15.45-16-00                 Tea

16.00-17.10                 Session 2: Incomplete Bodies

Sam BAILEY (University of Durham) Disability, Transhumanism and the Incomplete in Seventeenth-Century French Cabaret Poetry 

Jenny OLIVER (University of Oxford) Bodily and Material Incompleteness in the ‘Essais’

17.10-18.20                 Session 3: Prosthesis

Olivia TOLLEY (University of Oxford) Queering Incompleteness: Prosthetic Sexuality in Brantôme’s ‘Vies des dames galantes’ (1614)

Marc SCHACHTER (University of Durham) Hopeless ‘Lesbian’ Desire and Narrative Prosthetics in Two French Translations of Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’

19.15                           Dinner

Tuesday 3 September  

9.00-10.20                   Visit to the Chapel, Trinity College

10.20-10.40                 Coffee

10.40-11.50                 Session 4: Authorial Practices

Richard MABER (University of Durham) Gilles Ménage at Work: Two Unfinished ‘Magna Opera’ Rediscovered

Adam HORSLEY (University of Exeter) ‘Le nombre de mes pièces achevées est si petit’: Maynard’s Struggle to Complete his ‘Œuvres’ 

11.50-13.00                 Session 3: Addenda and Corrigenda

Nicholas HAMMOND (University of Cambridge) Unfinished Business: Pascal, Racine and a First Edition

Annalisa NICHOLSON (University of Cambridge)The Final Edit: Reading Saint-Évremond’s Corrections in the Godolphin Manuscript 

13.00                           Lunch

13.45-14.45                 AGM

14.50-16.40                 Session 5: Corneille

Tristan ALONGE (Université de La Réunion) ‘Cinna’, ou l’inachèvement d’un empereur

Paul HAMMOND (University of Leeds)The Psychology of Corneille’s ‘Médée’

Emma CLAUSEN (University of Oxford) Corneille’s Unfinished Lives


16.40-17.00                 Tea

17.00-18.00                 Session 6:  Keynote Paper

Nicholas CRONK (Voltaire Foundation, Oxford)Voltaire’s Incomplete Works: and Why They Will Stay That Way

18.30                           Vin d’honneur

19.15                           Conference Dinner 


Wednesday 4 September       

9.00-10.45                   Session 7:  Communication and Prophecy

Marina PERKINS (University of Cambridge)‘Un parler ouvert’: A Comparative Reading of Diplomatic Exchanges in Montaigne’s ‘Un traict de quelques ambassadeurs’ and ‘De l’utile et de l’honneste’

Luke O’SULLIVAN (King’s College, London) Last Words? ‘Tout dire’ before the Final Judgment in Bouchet’s ‘Les Serrées’

Janée ALLSMAN (University of Colorado) Prophetic Expectations in Jurieu’s ‘L’Accomplissement des Prophéties’


10.45-11.00                 Coffee

11.00-12.45                 Session 8: Conceptual and Dramatic Incompleteness

Vittoria FALLANCA (University of Oxford) What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Dessein’: Writing and/as Drawing in Early Modern France

Sophie NICHOLLS (University of Oxford) Incomplete Thoughts: Textual Instability in the History of Ideas

John LYONS (University of Virginia) Happiness Inchoate: Experiencing ‘Le Misanthrope’

Concluding remarks, Richard Parish, Chair of the Society



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