Early Modern French Conference, 2024

24 - 26 June, University of Exeter

'Ways of Knowing'
« Modes de savoir »

Early Modern French Conference


Forty-Sixth Annual Conference

University of Exeter, 24-26 June 2024

Ways of Knowing / Modes de savoir




All sessions will take place in the Ibrahim Ahmed Room, Reed Hall, University of Exeter


Monday 24 June

13.30 onwards            Arrival and Registration, Reed Hall            

13.55                           Welcome: Katherine Ibbett, Chair of the Society


14.00-15.30                 Session 1: Fabrication and Craft

                                    Chair: Jérôme Brillaud

Jennifer OLIVER (Worcester College, Oxford)

The Mineralised Mind: Ecologies of Craft in Sixteenth-Century Writing

Joseph HARRIS (Royal Holloway, University of London)

‘Apprenez à mentir’: Corneille, Dorante, and the Craft of Spinning Fictions

Melissa PERCIVAL (University of Exeter)

Inventions: Christophe Philippe Oberkampf and the Origins of Toile de Jouy


15.30-15.45                 Tea / Coffee


15.45-16.45                 Session 2: Rewriting

                                    Chair: Emma Herdman

Romane MARLHOUX (Université de Haute-Alsace)

C’est Hierome Giglio Italien qui parle, duquel j’ay traduit ce chapitre’: transmission des savoirs et énonciation dans les Diverses Leçons (1577) d’Antoine du Verdier

Hugh ROBERTS (University of Exeter)

Nonsense and Ways of (Not) Knowing in Early Seventeenth-Century France


16.45-17.00                 Tea / Coffee 

17.00-19.00                 Free time

19.00                           Dinner: Holland Hall Dining Room 


Tuesday 25 June   

9.30-10.30                   Session 3: Foreign Knowledge

                                     Chair: Helena Taylor

Suzanne JONES (St. Anne’s College, Oxford)

Religious Tragedy, Pedagogy and Public Engagement: an Eighteenth-Century outre-Manche School Performance of Brueys’s Gabinie (1699)

Gemma TIDMAN (Queen Mary, University of London)

The State of Play, The Lie of the Land


10.30-10.45                 Tea / Coffee


10.45-11.45                 Session 4: Introspection

                                    Chair: Noel Peacock

Joanna BARKER (Durham University)

How to Know God: the Intellect and the Heart in the Life of Anna Maria van Schurman

Rebecca SHORT (Université libre de Bruxelles)

Mind Maps: Quests for Self-Knowledge in Louis-Antoine Caraccioli


11.45-12.00                 Tea / Coffee


12.00-13.00                 Session 5: Round Table: Early Modern Research Methodologies:                                       Archives and Editing

                                    Chair: Michael Moriarty

Jan CLARKE (Durham University)

Alexandra COREY (Trinity College, Dublin)

Kate TUNSTALL (Worcester College, Oxford)


13.00                           Lunch

14.15-15.45                 AGM

15.45-16.00                 Tea / Coffee


16.00-17.30                 Keynote Paper

Chair: Katherine Ibbett

Dominque BRANCHER (Yale University)

Montaigne à tâtons: Villey l’embrailleur


18.30                           Vin d’honneur: Sabatini (16, Catherine Street, Exeter) 

19.00                           Conference dinner: Sabatini (16, Catherine Street, Exeter)


Wednesday 26 June 

9.30-10:30                   Session 6:  Education

                                    Chair: Véronique Desnain

Nele DÖRING (Universität Trier)

Female Teaching Congregations and Competing Reform Movements in the Catholic Church

Emily KENT (University of Edinburgh)

Jesuit Turncoats: Marin Mersenne and the Promotion of a Monastic Natural Philosophy



10.30-10:45                 Tea / Coffee


10:45-12.15                 Session 7: Gender

                                    Chair: Emily Butterworth

Jessie HOCK (Vanderbilt University)

Derrida’s Pussy

Caitlin DAHL (University of Pittsburgh)

‘Quand de vos beautez les Turcs mesmes espris’: Racial and Ethnic Difference and Knowing Gender in Seventeenth-Century Galanterie

Caitlin STURROCK (University of Bristol)

Disabled Touch in Honoré Gabriel Riqueti de Mirabeau’s Le Rideau levé, ou l’éducation de Laure (1786)


Concluding remarks: Katherine Ibbett, Chair of the Society


12:30                           Lunch




Conference delegates who would like to visit early modern Exeter will find information about a walking tour here: https://publicrenaissance.eu/.