Early Modern French Conference, 2022

5-7 July, St Andrews

'Space and Place'
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Early Modern French Conference

Space and Place (Espace/Place)

University of St Andrews

5-7 July 2022

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All sessions take place in Parliament Hall


Tuesday 5 July

11.00                           PG Workshop


12.30 onwards            Arrival and Registration     


13.25                           Welcome: Katherine Ibbett, Chair of the Society


13.30-15.00                 Session 1: Cities

                                    Chair: Richard Scholar

Henry PHILLIPS (University of Manchester)

Necessitas, commoditas and voluptas: Secular and Religious Cultures in the City

Jennifer OLIVER (University of Oxford)

Spaces and Places of Ingenuity: Lyon, 1548

Clare BURGESS (University of Oxford)

Mapping Sex for Sale: A Geographical Approach to Understanding Sex Work in Late-Sixteenth-Century Cities


15.00-15.30                 Tea


15.30-17.00                 Session 2: Gardens and Landscapes

                                    Chair: Emily Butterworth

Jérôme BRILLAUD (University of Manchester)

Growing Spaces: Vegetable Gardens in Early Modern France

John LYONS (University of Virginia)

Plain and Grotto: Parameters of the Baroque Garden

Alexandra COREY (Trinity College, Dublin)

Political Landscapes: On Descriptions of Nature in Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon’s Emmanuel Philibertus


17.00-18.00                 Session 3: Idealised Topographies?

                                    Chair: John O’Brien

Richard SCHOLAR (University of Durham)

Utopias and Temporo-Spatial Play



19.00                           Dinner


Wednesday 6 July    

9.-10.30                       Session 4: Dramatic Spaces

                                    Chair: Noel Peacock

Michael MORIARTY (University of Cambridge)

Locations in Tragedy and Tragicomedy

Delphine CALLE (University of Ghent)

La séparation tragique: la fonction des lieux dans Médée, Bérénice et Ariane

Daniel CLARK (University of Cambridge)

Inexistant and Uncertain: Dream Spaces on (and off) the 1630s French Stage


10.30-11.00                 Coffee


11.00-12.00                 Session 5: Playhouses and Plays

                                    Chair: David McCallam

Julia PREST (University of St Andrews)

Revisiting Segregated Spaces in the Playhouses of Colonial Saint-Domingue

Fabien CAVAILLÉ (University of Caen)

Les scènes parisiennes face à la mondialisation: porcelaines chinoises, Arlequin et lazzi comiques à la Comédie Italienne et à la Foire (1692-1723)


12.30-13.30                 Lunch


13.30-15.00                 Optional Tour: ‘Early Modern Musical Spaces and Places’ conducted by Dr Jane Pettegree, with the assistance of Mr Callum MacLeod


15.00-15.15                 Tea


15.15-16.45                 AGM


17.00-18.30                 Keynote Paper

Chair: Katherine Ibbett

Louisa MACKENZIE (University of Washington)

Revisiting Places: Can We Still Be Early Modern?


19.00                           Vin d’honneur


19.30                           Conference dinner


Thursday 7 July       


9.15-10.45                   Session 6: Travel

                                    Chair: Julia Prest

Emma GILBY (University of Cambridge)

Looking for Balzac: Two Cambridge Women and the Mapping of the Early Modern

Andrea FRISCH (University of Maryland and Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study)

Cannibalizing Jean de Léry: Theodor de Bry and the

Place(ment) of the Image

Emma CLAUSSEN (University of Cambridge)

‘No Place like Home’: Oysters and their Places


10.45-11.15                 Coffee


11.15-12.15                 Session 7: Interiors

                                    Chair: Emma Herdman

Helena TAYLOR (University of Exeter)

Textual Spaces vs Salon Spaces: The Case of Anne Dacier

Lucille RAYNAL (University College Dublin)

Le cabinet au féminin: l’espace de travail des femmes professionnelles


12.15                           Concluding remarks: Katherine Ibbett, Chair of the Society


12.30                           Lunch